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    Now A Shining Star in the sky

    By Harmeet Singh (

    My Cousin(Mamaji elder son)- Colonel G.S. Sarna, was posted in Pattan, Jammu and Kashmir. He was a Colonel and was the commanding officer of 29 Rashtriya Rifles there.

    On 23rd December during a routine Search operation in Village Behrampur, Baramulla, his men were searching the village for militants who were hiding there. They had completed the serach op. and they reported back to Col G.S. Sarna that there were no militants in the area. After which he himself went for an inspection of the houses. He was a very brave man and even after being a Colonel always used to lead his men from the front. He entered a house only with 2 of his bodyguards and looked around. He saw some grass lying around there, and instructed his men to look under it, under that was a secret hideout , where the militants were hiding, there was a small door(Phatta) under the grass, he told his men to lift it so that he can check under it.

    But as and when the phatta was lifted , a militant waiting under it fired a burst (15-16 rounds) from his AK-47 at him, out of which 6 bullets hit him, 1 on his hand, 1 on the shoulder , 2 in lower abdomen, and 2 on his ankles, and the rest hit the other 2 men. Despite being badly wounded and bleeding profusely from his stomach, which now had a big hole in it, he fired back at the militant killing him instantly, then he killed another millitant hiding there, after that he noticed one militant running outside the house, then he ran up to the roof of the house holding his stomach with one hand and gun with the other, he climbed to the roof of the house and injured the 3rd militant. Even after being hit badly and unmindful of his own safety he kept on leading his men, he told them to search other houses, and kept on giving them instructions. Then after around 15 min. he was carried to an ambulance and all the while he was saying "maar do saaalon ko kisi ko mat chodna...destroy them", never for once did he think about his family or his personal safety. He was immediately airlifted to the base hospital in srinagar but on the way he succumbed to his injuries, and only at the very last moment he remebered his family and called the name of his 5 year old son. Please CLICK to read full message at www.BharatShiksha.Org

    Here we have displayed some of photographs sent by Harmeet.

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